Older sister kissing little sister's cheek with flowers
Mom kissing and hugging young daughters
Family of four looking at the camera and smiling
Husband and wife looking at each other and smiling

My Process


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Don't be shy! Reach out! I truly love what I do and am genuinely so excited to work with you and capture your beautiful memories.


Contract & Payment

We'll find the perfect spot and time, and you'll secure it with a contract and retainer payment. I'll also have you fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know you better!


Prep & Session

For full sessions, you'll get a prep guide with all the tips, recommendations and things to keep in mind while preparing for your session. I’m always available to help and love to see your inspiration pictures!


Gallery & Prints

Within two weeks after your session, you'll receive your online proof gallery with all the keepers! Once your gallery is finalized, you'll get the option to download your images. You can order additional photos a la carte, upgrade to the full gallery or order premium prints if you choose to do so!