I'm Megan!

So glad you're here!! I'm a wife and mom of three based in Rochester, Michigan and I would love nothing more than to take pretty photos of you and your loved ones!!

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About ME

I was always the girl with the digital camera at high school and college parties, but when my husband gifted me a dslr after my daughter born - I switched it to manual and never turned back!!! I became a little obsessed with capturing the raw beauty of childhood and family life for my kids and family... and it's been so incredibly rewarding to do the same for others too!!

I've always worn a lot of hats and had entirely too many hobbies, and it's been so surprising and fun to see how photography has fit into all of my favorite things!! I've hopped around from public relations to automotive purchasing, had jobs from administrative and event planning to copywriting, and it's amazing to see how many of those past jobs have come into play as a business owner! I became a stay at home mom after my second was born and have always dreamed of a small side business where I could exercise my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. I'm truly so happy to have found that in photography!

I live in Rochester Hills, Michigan with my husband, Patrick, our three kids, Eloise (7), Owen (6) and Leo (2) and our lovable old chocolate lab, Porter.

I love making meals and homemade things for my family, you can almost always find a baked good or fresh loaf of bread on my countertop, and I am usually dreaming of more cut flowers to add to our garden, or another DIY project to drive my husband crazy with. ;)

Thanks so much for reading!! I am looking so forward to meeting you and helping to capture all your beautiful memories!!



This is us! Just a little more dressed up and coordinated than usual. ;)

Photo credit: Alexandra desano photography, Edited by me

Three happy kids in front of a white barn
Family of five petting a dog
Mom with three kids in front of a white barn
Husband and wife in front of a white barn
Young girl smiling in a field
Little boy smiling in a field setting
Toddler boy walking in a field
Mom and daughter holding hands with their noses touching
Mom hugging young son and daughter
Mom tickling three young kids on a blanket
Three young kids smiling on a blanket in a field
Family of five and chocolate lab smiling on a blanket in a field
Two young kids holding mom's hand laughing and running
Family of five laughing and running with brown dog in a field by a barn